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Know Thy Self: Q&A Session

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Self-assessment, however, is more critical of efforts put forth. It looks for weaknesses in your disciple and finds holes that can be filled. Its primary focus is to understand both what went right and what went wrong; critical pieces of information to help you either repeat past successful actions or reorient your efforts toward more… Continue reading Know Thy Self: Q&A Session

Emily Alison

For over 28 years, the Alisons have been at the forefront of researching and teaching complex human interactions and are the architects of the most widely accepted rapport-based model of interviewing in the world.

Uplevel Your Listening Game: Q&A Session

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In this Q&A session, we’re going to analyze each of your “listening” senses – eyes, ears, body language, and personal aura – to ensure the vibe you’re giving off is one of genuineness and understanding. And because distractions are everywhere, both internal and external, we’ll also talk about ways to minimize losing focus in the… Continue reading Uplevel Your Listening Game: Q&A Session

Gabrielle Lyon

Dr. Lyon is a board-certified family physician, expert of longevity and advanced nutrition interventions, and my personal physician.

How To Make Sense Of People: Q&A Session

Public Information and Employee Diversity questions and worker inclusion info in the workplace as diverse people working together in society and cultural tolerance and integration issues.

In this Q&A session, we are going to look at the various frames of communicating and how to identify the “motivation” you have in front of you. From there, we will talk through strategically assessing key words, aligning yourself with their mindset, and getting you in harmony with them. Our goal at Beyond Bulletproof is… Continue reading How To Make Sense Of People: Q&A Session

How To Make Sense Of People: Training Session

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Moments like these can be quite confusing and beyond frustrating. And worse yet, you genuinely don’t know where to go next or how to “fix” the problem. Well, welcome to Sense Making.  This month, we are going to teach you how to identify the motivational goals of your audience using the Cylinder Model developed by… Continue reading How To Make Sense Of People: Training Session

Danelle Umstead

If you’re looking for the strength, fortitude, and grit to overcome any obstacle, then don’t miss this most inspiring and exceptional Elite Guest Trainer.